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​What is C2B?


  • enables B2C messaging, consumers' preferred method of communication.
  • makes giving and receiving referrals instantaneous and convenient.
  • helps staff be more efficient when handling customer inquiries.
  • provides a hub for consumers whose needs may involve multiple businesses.

​Why C2B?

As we are all consumers, we know how important it is to get information and answers to questions quickly and easily about something we want to buy or about something we have bought. We expect convenience and immediate access to what we want. This is magnified as more business are involved.

We know businesses put a lot of time and money into trying to meet the expectations of their customers. Our mission is to make it easier for businesses to achieve this. We do this by looking at things from the customer's perspective. Consider this:

  1. Billions of dollars are lost every year when customers switch companies due to poor customer service. More than one-third of these cases are due to customers being fed up with speaking to multiple agents.
  2. Increasingly, messaging is the preferred customer service channel in developed and developing countries.
  3. In a recent survey of people from different parts of the world, 89% of people would be willing to use messaging to communicate with businesses.
In fact, when consumers cannot easily get a hold of a business or the business does not respond adequately, many of them resort to posting negative reviews online. This does not only reflect badly on the immediate business, it can also reflect badly on a business that referred the customer. Suffice it to say that communication with customers is critical to businesses and their reputations.

​Our solution

C2B has specific B2C features not found in other messaging apps such as message organization, internal staff-only messages, and mistake prevention.

One notable benefit for businesses is the ability to give and receive instant customer referrals with other businesses. Consumers benefit because they can reply on the app as a convenient communication hub for a particular need that would involve multiple businesses; for example, buying/renting a home:

A person looking to buy a home may be messaging with a realtor about a property, leading to some questions about mortgage pre-approval. The realtor can refer the buyer to a mortgage broker so the buyer and broker can begin a separate, private messaging conversation instantly. Other businesses in the hub might be life insurance agents, home insurance agents, notaries, lawyers, appraisers, inspectors, architects, interior designers, movers, cleaners, contractors, tradespeople, and so on.

​Features & benefits

Messages organized by inquiry

Unlike personal messaging, C2B messages are organized by inquiry, which we call Topics. Topics can be searched and filtered, which means certain messages can be hidden while you focus on an important Topic. Topics can be linked to cases or tickets in a help desk system.

Instant referrals

When something comes up in conversation and you would like to refer the customer to another business, this can done directly on the C2B platform. Customers do not have to leave the platform to engage with the referred business. All referrals given and received are tracked.

Integrate, not replace

We just want to emphasize that C2B is not intended to replace any existing systems. C2B was intended to integrate with those systems. For example, C2B integrates with Zoho CRM. Integrations can be performed using the C2B API or the API of another system.

Double-check Send™

Double-check Send allows staff to review their messages before sending to customers. You can check spelling and grammar, send a message privately to other staff, or send a message as a bot for a quick reply to the customer. This feature can be turned on or off.

Bot & AI automation

The job of a bot is to facilitate the flow of communication between a customer and a business. If or when staff are unable to reply or engage with a customer, the bot jumps in and tries to answer simple questions or redirect the inquiry to an appropriate department or staff.

Easy for customers & staff

Customers need only download one mobile app or use the web app to connect to all businesses. This means that consumers do not have to go to every businesses website and figure out how to contact someone in that business. C2B is designed to be simple and easy for all users.